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2020. Most would agree it was a pretty rubbish year. However, what most people dont realise is that in the years running up to 2020 something far worse was boiling to the surface. Somewhere deep in the turbulent world of video game chat lobbies, a small group of like minded souls found each other. Tired of being informed about our promiscuous mothers by ten year old American kids, these few brave souls joined forces to educate the world. After a short time we discovered that the game chat lobbies were clearly not the place to be imparting our particular brand Hence, The Pacifist Podcast was born. Since then we've happily been chatting shit to anyone who will listen. If you are in need of a factually accurate, informative and professional podcast, drop us a message and we can give you some suggestions. If you want general amusement, give us a watch or a listen. If you want to chat shit along with us, drop us a message. All links at the bottom of the page.

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The Pacifists


Why not get up close and personal with the gang? Well, to be honest there are a millions reasons from hygiene to personal safety. How about just reading about them instead? that.


Andy (Mushu)

If you are under the impression that the perfect guy doesn't exist, you should meet Andy. He's not the perfect guy but will probably make the rest seem a little better. Being a massive gamer and amateur film and book nerd has provided Andy with all of the tools required to throw his opinion around on the podcast.

Sam (Pnub)

Towering over us all with his head in the clouds, Sam is an impressive man in both body and mind. Another film, music and book nerd, Sam also harbours a (not so secret) passion for Harry Potter. He's a Ravenclaw if anyone cares. To us though he will always be a delicious post apocalyptic food source.

Jesus (Fazed Drifter)

A mystery to all including himself, Jesus is the closest thing we have to a tech guy. He will often have his head buried in a computer screen as he desperately tries to fact check the constant stream of nonsense he's faced with. Passionate about cars and gaming, Jesus was named after the character from the walking dead. Nobody can recall his real name.

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Zac (Rambo)

Zac is mental. That's the easiest way to put it. He loves anything that shoots or explodes and spends a lot of time outside doing just that sort of thing. Definitely the more "outdoorsy" of the guys. Zac is normally the source of any ridiculous schemes or dangerous ideas. Interestingly, he will do pretty much anything for a pound.

Sophie (Horrortoad)

Sophie is quite possibly the manliest one of the gang. Often found outside cutting down trees or building stuff, Sophie never avoids a bit of hard labour. With a pretty successful fighting career behind her, she is every bit as outspoken as the rest of the guys. Sophie was invited into the podcast for her level headed outlook on life and wise opinions. We are still waiting for that.


We love the idea of having guests join us. If you think you could bring something to the podcast and fancy shooting the shit for an episode, why not get in touch? Links are below.

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