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Are you guys factually accurate?

Probably not. We almost certainly believe in what we're saying if that makes any difference?

I want to share my opinion! What can I do?

Get in touch! We're on pretty much every social media platform. Or use the contact us section of the homepage. We will respect requests for anonymity.

I'm tired of the way I look. Can you help?

Yes we can! Head over to the Merch store on the homepage and doll yourself up with something nice.

You've said something that offends me. Who do I complain to?

Someone who cares preferably. Not us I'm afraid.

Are baked potatoes an acceptable meal?

No. If you think they are, you're wrong. Warm dirt berries will never be the right choice....and starvation is one of the options.

How much is a subscription?

The only thing we charge for is the Merch. Everything else is per you're chosen media platform. Generally, its free. No excuses not to sign up.


We aren't really sure. Sorry.

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